About Paolo

Paolo stands for authentic enjoyment of delicious and high-quality food. These are the ingredients for a carefully composed range, based on years of collaboration with local trading partners and connection with traditional recipes and the rich Mediterranean culture. Paolo started in 2012 as Deli di Paolo, a brand name as a tribute to the founder of Bergfood, Paul van den Berg. Now, more than 10 years later, it was time for a fresh re-styling with a new brand name: Paolo, while retaining the core values and family feeling.

Rechts Paul van den Berg, oprichter Deli di Paolo en nu Paolo. Links Maarten van den Berg, zoon van Paul
by Paolo

Paolo is passion

The passion for the development of our products started when Paul spent a long time in Italy and really got to know the authentic Italian cuisine. The traditional recipes inspired him to start his own journey of discovery in the Mediterranean cuisine and the first collaborations were started with local and passionate Italian production locations.

Our trading relationships have grown into close collaborative partnerships, ensuring that we can offer the best quality without deviating from original, traditional recipes. The Mediterranean culture is very family-oriented and food brings people together. The atmosphere of late dinner and drinks with family and friends is reflected in our Paolo range; we have selected the products accordingly! Paolo's products are not only perfect for dining and lunch, but also for drinks and celebrations. We hope that your love for our products inspires you to enjoy them yourself (and with each other!).

Paul (links) en Maarten (rechts) met bloem op het aanrecht en omhoog gegooid in de lucht

Paolo recipes

With Paolo, we want everyone to enjoy this tasty and diverse cuisine. That's why we think it's important to share recipes on how to cook tasty food with Paolo. We regularly share recipes with the cooking magazine Foodies, from which you can get delicious inspiration. Of course, it is important that you can easily find the ingredients for the recipes. Paolo is available in retail, food service and meal services. You will find Paolo in every kitchen! 

Tafel met witte wijn, soepstengels, gevulde pepers, tapenade, vijgen, cherrytomaten, focaccia, olijven, olie
Koken met knoflook, ui, bietjes, rijst, peper en zout, zongedroogde tomaten en olijfolie, tapenade, wijn , tomaten

The perfect taste experience

Our range is not just limited to Italy; it also includes products from Spain, Portugal, Greece and France. Discover and taste the passion in our olives, vinaigrettes, dips, various toasts and different types of vegetables for a flavoursome experience.
Passion for cooking and constantly discovering and developing the perfect taste experience: that is Paolo!

Thanks to our recent participation with Op Smaak B.V., we started with integrating production activities into our growing Paolo brand! We now produce delicious delicacies such as dressings, sauces, tapenades, and dips. We do this in Eersel, under our Paolo brand or other Private Labels. All products are carefully prepared by chefs, composed of natural ingredients, and free of gluten. 

Taste the boundless creativity and dedication of Op Smaak in our Paolo dressings, sauces, tapenades and dips! Suitable for retail and food service.

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